Watchmakers Screwdrivers Single Sizes Hardened Steel Blades + Spare Blade & Holder


Product information

Watchmakers single sizes screwdrivers colour coded top and hardened steel blade along with 1 spare blade and holder of the size selected. Please use the drop down box within the listing to select the blade size required.
Sizes we stock.
Green Top - Blade size 2.0mm
Gold Top- Blade Size 1.80mm
Mauve Top - Blade Size 1.60mm
Grey Top - Blade Size 1.40mm
Red Top - Blade Size 1.20mm
Black Top - Blade Size 1.00mm
Yellow Top - Blade Size 0.80mm
Silver Top - Blade Size 0.60mm
Purple Top - Cross Head Blade 1.60mm

Technical specifications

Brand Anchor Watch Tools
Condition New
Weight 0.02kg