Watch Crystals High Domed Acrylic Glasses 250pcs Sizes from 19.00mm to 23.6mm

Product information

High domed acrylic watch crystals 19.00mm-23.6mm
Acrylic high domed watch crystals.250 to a box. Ten of each size. Sizes included:19.00mm - 19.2mm- 19.4mm-19.6mm-19.8mm- 20.00mm - 20.2mm - 20.4mm - 20.6mm-20.8mm- 21.00mm-21.2mm- 21.4mm - 21.6mm 21.8mm -22.00mm- 22.2mm - 22.4mm- 22.6mm - 22.8mm- 23.00mm- 23.2mm -23.4mm-23.6mm.

Technical specifications

Brand Tickintime Tools
Condition New
Weight 0.6kg