Watch Bracelet Holder for Link Pin Removal Hard Plastic


Product information

Watch bracelet holder for link removal.
A hard plastic to prevent marring to the bracelet metal.Used for removing pins in steel bracelets for shortening or lengthening the bracelet.Place the bracelet into the holder,lining the link for removal over one of the location holes for the pin to pass through on removal.The bracelet holder holds the bracelet firm allowing you both hands for lining up the pin pushers. Then using the hammer lightly tap the bracelet pin out.Using a set of chain nosed pliers,complete the process in removing the link pin from the bracelet. Always check the bracelet for pin removal directions as some pins are tapered and will show with an arrow which direction to remove the pin.Please note picture is just for display, colour dispatched maybe different.

Technical specifications

Brand Anchor
Condition New
Weight 0.26kg