Piercing Saw Blades & Fret saw Blades Packs of 144 Size 1/0 up to 6/0

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Product information

Anchor gold saw blades 144pcs size 1/0 to 6/0
Ideal for jewellers, watchmakers, model makers and hobbyist alike.
Made from high grade steel. Sharp uniform cut teeth curved backs for ease rounding corners and curved shapes 12 dozen to the pack 144pcs.
Please use the drop down box at he bottom of the listing to select the size blades you require. All sizes are the same price.
Blade sizes to number below.
Thickness 0.32 Width 0.56 teeth per inch 48 size 1/0
Thickness 0.31 Width 0.55 teeth per inch 52 size 2/0
Thickness 0.27 Width 0.50 teeth per inch 56 size 3/0
Thickness 0.25 Width 0.46 teeth per inch 60 size 4/0
Thickness 0.20 Width 0.41 teeth per inch 64 size 5/0
Thickness 0.18 Width 0.36 teeth per inch 68 size 6/0

Technical specifications

Brand Anchor Watch Tools India
Condition New
Weight 0.004kg