Butane Gas Soldering Torch Heavy Duty Helping Hands with Magnification and Tweezers Set


Product information

Heavy duty helping hands, free-standing butane micro torch and tweezers set
Heavy duty helping hands with magnification for hands-free magnification.
Heavy stable base and fully adjustable arms with crocodile clips that can be moved in and out to suit work area size.
The butane torch gives you the freedom of both hands to work your applications.
Built in self-ignition so no need for outside ignition source
Will need butane gas lighter fuel (not supplied.) Comes with full operating instructions. In addition, included in this set is a pair of in-reverse tweezers one straight nosed, one bent nosed, with fibre grips. Ideal for jewellery, hobby and craft applications and many more.

Technical specifications

Brand Rolson
Condition New
Weight 1.2kg