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Watch Case Flat Knife Snap on Watch Back Removal Tool

  Our Price: £2.00
Watch Case Flat Knife Snap on Watch Back Removal Tool
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Flat knife for snap-off watch casement back removal
Knife version used for watch casement with snap-off backs.Used by inserting the flat of the blade under the raised tag of the back plate and twisting to remove casement back. Non slip plastic riveted handle and steel blade.

EAN: 5425620043025

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Pocket Watch Key Sizes
No.00 = 2.0mm
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No2 = 1.75mm
N03 = 1.65mm
No4 = 1.60mm
No5 = 1.50mm
No6 = 1.40mm
No7 = 1.30mm
No8 = 1.20mm
No9 = 1.15mm
No10 = 1.05mm
No11 = 1.00mm
No12 = 0.95mm

Clock Key Sizes
No1 = 2.50mm
No2 = 2.75mm
No3 = 3.00mm
No4 = 3.25mm
No5 = 3.50mm
No6 = 3.75mm
No7 = 4.00mm
No8 = 4.25mm
No9 = 4.50mm
No10 = 4.75mm
No11 = 5.00mm
No12 = 5.25mm
No13 = 5.50mm
No14 = 5.75mm
No15 = 6.00mm
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